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Intelli-M Access 2.0

A powerful and highly scalable access control software that's simple to configure, easy to use, and a breeze to manage. The Intelli-M Access browser-based software was designed from the ground up with the latest core technologies to fit your current and future business needs.

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Architecture and Design

Install Intelli-M Access on a server and use any popular browser from anywhere in the organization to manage your system. There is no client software to install and the pure HTML and Javascript implementation of Intelli-M Access allows it to run on most browser capable devices.

The Intelli-M Access server is built on a foundation of Microsoft technologies, leveraging proven technologies to provide a highly reliable platform.. A sampling of the technologies used are:

  • .Net 3.51
  • IIS (Internet Information Services, a web server)
  • Transaction Server (asynchronous message queuing)
  • SQL Server 2005/2008
  • SQL Server Reporting Services

Using these core technologies allows us to focus on delivering business value in a highly scalable environment.

Rules Engine

The Intelli-M Access Rules Engine gives you ultimate flexibilty in making Intelli-M fit your business needs. The extensible Intelli-M Access Rules Engine evaluates incoming events and then performs one of a number of available actions based on rules that you create. Here are some of the features delivered by the Intelli-M Access Rules Engine:

  • Event and Alarm Management. These two rules provide full control over what events show on the events page and whether they are shown as events or alarms. Since every rule can have a schedule, an event during the day that may be of little importance, can be treated as a significant alarm after hours.
  • E-Mail/SMS. Very granular treatment of what events are important enough to actively notify people via e-mail or SMS can be achieved.
  • Lock Zone, Lockdown Zone, Unlock Zone, Revert Zone. Build features such as First-in, Panic Button, Toggle Doors by using one or more of these rules in combination.
  • Elevator Control. Select which reader is the in-cab reader, the group and which buttons to light to provide secure access to floors based on credential.

Additionally, the Intelli-M Access Rules Engine has an open architecture which can evaluate and take action on events delivered to the Intelli-M server through a RESTful API. Rules can then be created for those events using any of the available rules. These events can contain new values for any of the categorization fields on an event and the reference data will be built automatically and presented in the Rules Engine interface.

Read more about the Intelli-M Access Rules Engine here