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The Intelli-M eIDC

Intelli-M eIDC

The eIDC (Ethernet Enabled Integrated Door Controller), brilliant in design, powerful and simple to use. Just install one controller per door, connect it to the network, configure it and you're done. On the pages to the left you'll learn all about the eIDC, it's design and capabilities.


A marvel of industrial design, every element of the eIDC is both beautiful and functional.

The eIDC is designed to fit in either a double gang (foursquare) box or our surface mount box. Attach the plaster ring to the box, and the eIDC snaps into place. With two stops, the first keeps the controller standing out from the plaster ring so it can be wired without having to hold the controller and making the terminal blocks easy to get to. The second position keeps the eIDC flush with the plaster ring so the cover plate can be attached.

LED's on the front serve two purposes, to show activity while in operation, and on startup, they display the IP address of the controller.

An infrared tamper detect on the controller reflects off the back of the cover plate, raising an alarm if the cover plate is removed.


The eIDC is designed to be configured via the server then act independently, granting access on schedule and passing events back to the server. The controller boasts an impressive array of capabilities including.

  • Capacity for 64,000 credentials in managed mode (8,000 in standalone)
  • Rolling event buffer of 16,000 events, if the controller cannot communicate with the server events are stored locally and flushed up to the server when it reconnects.
  • 254 Schedules to handle complex scheduling requirements
  • 7 Holiday sets
  • AES 128 bit encrypted communication
  • DHCP or Static IP Addressing


Input power can be provided several ways; 

  • With a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch
  • From a midspan that injects power just after the switch
  • Single port injectors installed locally
  • Directly powered with 24 VDC.  Maximum PoE cabling distance of 100 meters.

 Standalone Capability

 Need to secure a single door? The eIDC is the perfect solution. With an embedded web server and capacity for 8,000 cardholders, there's no seperate server or workstation software. Just browse to the device's IP address, configure your system and go.

With a 16,000 event rolling storage of events, you can be sure to have the events you need, when you need them.