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Mobile Wireless
Mobil Wirelles Police Officer

The system provides up to 3 Mbps per terminal, more than sufficient to support simultaneous VoIP, real-time video and data applications (including RMS, mug shots, finger prints, warrant requests and vehicle/DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) data).

Integrated with the agency's network, the vehicle is transformed into a true "mobile office", allowing police officers to spend more time on the streets and respond much quicker in emergency situations.

The system features large radio cells (up to ranges of several miles) that can be strategically co-located with existing government owned property. The solution has been specifically designed to allow for ubiquitous coverage RF network planning.

Available Frequencies are:
2.4 GHz,900 MHz. Mobile Wirelles Fireman

System Highlights:
  • A rugged, trunk-mountable radio unit
  • Assured operation using typical automobile power (9-18 VDC)
  • A design compliant with EN300 019-2-5 transportation specifications for shock, vibration, and environment
  • Robust anti-interference technology
  • A wireless connection to status utility for the PC
  • SNMP or Telnet management capabilities
  • An Ethernet 10BaseT connection to the PC Wide coverage from a single unit lowers cost, complexity, and maintenance