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Engineer: IBC Engineering
Owner: Pittsford Central Schools
Value: $7.4M

HVAC Renovations to seven schools across the district.  Work was performed over two summers and included multiple boiler replacements, classroom renovations, and 24 total AHU replacements.


Pittsford CSD High School
Engineer: Clark Patterson Lee / Turner Construction Company
Value: $2.8M
Engineer: Hunt Engineers / Welliver McGuire
Value: $2M
Engineer: Labella Associates / LeChase Construction
Value: $3.3M
Engineer: Clark Patterson Lee / The Pike Company
Value: $4.4M

Bell Mechanical was award the HVAC prime contract to provide the complete mechanical system upgrade to the existing elementary school which was part of the Rochester Schools Modernization Program. Work included new HVAC systems for the new addition and renovation of the existing facility. Bell worked closely with the owner and construction manager to work through several design changes to ensure that the project was delivered on schedule.

Engineer: IBC Engineering / The Pike Company
Value: $5M

Bell Mechanical worked as the prime HVAC contractor on this complete school renovation as part of the Rochester Schools Modernization Program. A complete mechanical system was installed including new AHU’s, boiler, pumps, over 400 chilled beams & radiant ceiling panels and over 50,000 lineal feet of new piping.


Engineer: Clark Patterson Lee
Owner: Rochester Regional Health
Value: $8M

Multiple Phased Construction over four years of work for both Plumbing and Heating.  Departments remodeled were Sterile Processing Department, Women's Center and Rehabilitation Center, Respiratory, Patient Access, Primary Care (Dental), CPEP and Emergency Department, PACU, Pre/Post Surgery, and new OR Surgery Department.  Including replacement of ten AHUs serving multiple departments for heating.  Plumbing work included underground work, Fixture replacements, Updating Medical Gas to Operating, Surgery, and PACU Departments. 

Clifton Springs Hospital Outside Building
Engineer: Clark Patterson Lee / LECESSE Construction
Value: $1.6M

Bell Mechanical completed the Plumbing and HVAC work on this multi-phased campus renovation. Upgrades to the existing HVAC system were made along with new plumbing and HVAC work in resident rooms, dining areas, kitchen and laundry rooms. Bell worked closely with the CM and with hospital staff to work continuously in the occupied and fully operational facility.

Engineer: Clark Patterson Lee / LECESSE Construction
Value: $1.5M

Bell Mechanical completed the Plumbing work on this new 82 unit, 84,300 square foot nursing facility for St. Ann’s Community. The project included sanitary, storm, domestic water, medical vacuum, oxygen, and medical air systems. The project was completed within a tight schedule and within budget.

Engineer: Clark Patterson Lee / Lend Lease
Value: $1.2M
Engineer: M/E Engineering / LECESSE Construction
Value: $3M

In 2010 Bell Mechanical worked as a subcontractor for LECESSE Construction to complete the Plumbing and HVAC work for the complete renovation of the existing skilled nursing facility along with a 45,000 square foot and an 80-bed addition to The Friendly Home. Work included upgrades to the existing steam heating system and converting from steam to hot water heating for new areas of construction. The project was completed over several phases, all on time and within budget; often times working carefully in occupied spaces.

Higher Learning

Engineer: Wendel Duchscherer
Value: $1.25M

Bell completed the upgrades to the electrical and mechanical systems for the Harder Hall College of Ceramics. Mechanical work included new high efficiency hot water condensing boilers, pumps, domestic water improvements and gas system upgrades.

Engineer: M/E Engineering / Monroe County DES
Value: $3.7M

Bell was awarded the prime HVAC contract to perform the phased replacement of the campus’s main air handling units located in mechanical spaces in multiple buildings. Bell worked closely with M/E Engineering and MCC’s facilities department to install site built custom AHU’s in extremely short durations. Air Handling Units, associated controls, piping and ductwork were demolished, installed new and commissioned within 4-6 week windows to allow for continuous operation of the existing heating and cooling system. Bell simultaneously completed upgrades to the science lab exhaust system, reheat coils and installed new perimeter finned tube radiation. Temporary chillers were provided to ensure maximum cooling ability during summer school sessions. The project was completed within a nearly impossible schedule with minimal system shutdowns or service interruptions to the campus.

Municipal / Government

Engineer: DeWolff Partnership / LeChase Construction
Value: $180k
Engineer: USACE / The Pike Company
Value: $2.7M

Bell was awarded the Plumbing and HVAC contracts for the renovation of the existing US Army Reserve Training Facility, Operational Maintenance Building and Storage Buildings. The project consisted of the complete interior demolition and restoration including new HVAC and Plumbing systems.

Owner: City of Norfolk Department of Public Works
Value: $4.5M

In 2011 Bell Mechanical expanded its operations to the state of Virginia undertaking the general construction contract for the City of Norfolk’s central utility plant upgrades project. The project involved major upgrades to the City’s existing central utility plant to allow for the future heating and cooling loads for the brand new 15 story City of Norfolk Consolidated Courthouse. Bell worked closely with the City’s engineering staff to phase the shutdowns and turnover of critical heating and cooling equipment which served multiple government facilities in the downtown area. Work included demolition, structural steel and concrete work, electrical power and DDC controls upgrades, new boilers, boiler retrofits, new four cell cooling tower, heat exchangers and over 50 retrofit heating and cooling coil replacements throughout the City’s occupied Jail, Courthouse and City Hall.

Engineer: TY Lin International
Value: $700k

Bell was awarded the plumbing contract with Monroe County to help deliver this award winning project. Bell was responsible to upgrade the entire parking garage storm system including all new plaza drains for the green roof which helped decrease rain water runoff into the storm water system by 30%. Most of the additional rain water will be captured in (2) 14,000-gallon tanks as part of the new rain water harvesting system. This system will be capable of retaining water to provide irrigation to the green roof system, all while reducing storm water runoff and providing for irrigation to the green roof. Savings for this green roof system are anticipated to be 20,000 gallons per week in domestic water use.